Wednesday, October 2, 2013

EpiGnome™ Methyl-Seq Kit: Informatics Guide Now Available

Sequencing-based DNA methylation analysis applies the coverage density and flexibility enabled by next-generation sequencing to enhance epigenetic studies. Analysis of the sequencing data is an important step of the procedure and so an Informatics Guide is available to get started. The guide produces an output file that can be viewed in a genome viewer and contains sequence information.

Click here for the Informatics Guide

EpiGnome™ Methyl-Seq Kit: Sample Data Set Now Available

The following test data set may be downloaded for use with the Methyl-Seq BioInformatics Guide. This data set was generated using EpiGnome Methyl-Seq Kit with 50 ng of Coriell gDNA (GM12878) as input into bisulfite conversion. The libraries were sequenced PE 75 bp reads. The data set contains 10,000 reads from Read 1 and Read 2.

Click here for the sample data set

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