Monday, February 18, 2013

Enrich for coding and non-coding RNAs for deeper reads into your blood RNA samples

New Product Announcement: The Globin-Zero™ Gold Kit removes the highly abundant adult globin mRNAs and the cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNAs from RNA isolated from human, mouse or rat blood. The rapid, single-pass process saves time and sample, and the magnetic bead protocol is suitable for high-throughput workflows.

The ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kits (Blood) generate RNA-Seq libraries from whole blood in less than 1 day. Combining the powerful Globin-Zero technology and streamlined ScriptSeq V2 library prep, the ScriptSeq Complete Kits provide a way to obtain more informative RNA-Seq as the non-globin mRNAs and large non-ribosomal, non-coding RNAs are retained. The fast and easy workflow is compatible with both intact and partially degraded blood RNA samples and is compatible with Illumina® sequencing.

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