Monday, December 12, 2011

What's new in the ScriptSeq v2 kit?

Recently, Epicentre launched the ScriptSeq™ v2 RNA-Seq Kit for preparing directional, ligation-free RNA-Seq libraries in 4 hours. This kit offers several advantages over the previous version:
  • Transcript coverage is improved and GC bias is reduced by an improved terminal-tagging oligo (TTO).
  • Less input RNA required: Libaries can be prepared from as little as 500 pg of rRNA-depleted or poly(A)-enriched RNA.
  • A streamlined protocol and premixed reagents make the kit easier to use and require fewer pipetting steps.
  • A signifcantly lower price compared to the original kit.
The original ScriptSeq Kit will be available for a transition period, to allow existing customers to finish important projects. We expect customers will find that the new ScriptSeq v2 Kit provides better performance at a lower price.

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