Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Preparing high-quality DNA and RNA for Illumina sequencing

The MasterPure™ line of DNA and RNA purification products has become one of the tools of choice for researchers wishing to obtain pure, high-quality nucleic acids for deep sequencing and microarray-based analysis. The MasterPure procedure uses gentle detergent/salt and proteolysis-based extraction technology that does not require the use of toxic organics or spin-columns. The resulting high-quality nucleic acids--RNA (RIN > 9.5) and DNA (A260/280 >1.8)--are of high molecular weight. Recent publications have highlighted the use of MasterPure kits to generate DNA for standard Illumina® library construction and GAII sequencing for developing reference genomes and de novo deep sequencing of various genomes. Other successful applications using MasterPure-purified DNA and RNA include SNP detection, methylation analysis, and expression profiling.

Platform MasterPure™ Kit Sample Type Reference
GAII MasterPure Gram-Positive DNA Kit Bacteria (Riemerella anatipestifer type) Mavromatis, K et al. (2011)
MasterPure Gram-Positive DNA Kit Bacteria (Bacteroides salanitronis) Gronow S et al. (2011)

MasterPure Complete Kit

Bacteria (Geobacter sulfurreducens)

Nagarajan H et al. (2010)

MasterPure Gram-Positive Kit

Bacteria (Aminomonas paucivorans)

Pitluck S et al. (2010)

MasterPure Gram-Positive DNA Kit

Bacteria (Marivirga tractuosa)

Pagani, I et al. (2011)

GoldenGate™ MasterPure DNA Purification Kit Colorectal carcinoma lines Irizarry, RA et al. (2008)
doi: 10.1101/gr.7301508
BeadArray™ MasterPure DNA Purification Kit Blood lymphocytes; cystic fibrosis patients Darrah R et al. (2010)
doi: 10.​1152/​physiolgenomics.​00185.​2009

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