Thursday, December 2, 2010

New small-RNA-Seq library prep kit

Epicentre recently introduced the ScriptMiner™ Small RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit (SinglePlex; Illumina-compatible). The kit produces nonbarcoded (singleplex) sequencing libraries from miRNA and, optionally, small 5'-capped RNA and 5'-triphosphorylated RNA. The ScriptMiner process includes a unique enzymatic procedure that removes excess 3' adaptor oligo, greatly reducing the amount of adaptor-dimer products in the sequencing library.

Small-RNA coverage from ScriptMiner™ and conventional libraries (click to enlarge figure). Small-RNA libraries were prepared using ScriptMiner (left panel) and conventional (right panel) methods and sequenced on an Illumina® GAIIx sequencer.  Both libraries produced similar numbers of aligned reads; however, the ScriptMiner library had a higher proportion of mature miRNA sequences.

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