Thursday, July 29, 2010

Solutions for problematic plant templates

Recently, one of our customers (Millie Burrell of Texas A&M University) thanked us for helping her resurrect some DNA templates that she was on the “verge of abandoning due to lack of quality DNA and subsequent PCR amplification for downstream sequencing.” Through the use of the QuickExtract™ Seed Solution and PlantAmp™ PCR System, she was able to obtain PCR results for DNA extracted from Caulanthus amplexicaulus, a little-known wild relative of Arabidopsis. According to Millie, this plant is a “rare and endangered species that grows on serpentine (ultramafic) soils known for low macronutrient levels and conventionally toxic levels of heavy metals.” The QuickExtract Seed protocol uses up to 10 mg of ground/fragmented seed in an 8-minute protocol that is suitable for high-throughput workflows. The PlantAmp PCR System is formulated to optimize PCR amplification from samples containing polyphenols and other PCR inhibitors, in a convenient premix format.

Photo credit: joedecruyenaere

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