Friday, June 4, 2010

From cows to chickadees: BuccalAmp™ Kits in animal genomics

Animal subjects have benefited from Epicentre's BuccalAmp™ DNA Extraction Kit, a single-tube system for rapid extraction of PCR-ready DNA. Buccal cell sampling offers a quick, easy, economical, and less invasive alternative to other methods of acquiring DNA from animals. Previous reports have described the use of BuccalAmp Kits to examine quantitative trait loci affecting milk production and reproduction in commercial dairy cattle at the USDA, and to study multiple intestinal neoplasia in mice (Epicentre Forum 9-2, 251K PDF).

Researchers at the US Geological Survey [Handel, CM et al., (2006) Wildlife Soc Bull 34:1094; abstract] used the BuccalAmp Kit to isolate DNA from buccal cells of adult and nestling chickadees, and compared the results to those obtained with blood draws.  They highly recommended the use of buccal swabs as a rapid, noninvasive technique for sampling avian genomic DNA in small birds or any birds in which blood testing may be difficult or stressful.

Recently, the BuccalAmp Kit was used in a study of GM1 gangliosidosis in Japanese Shiba dogs (Chang, H-S et al., (2010) J Vet Diagn Invest 22:234; abstract]. DNA was isolated from buccal cells or blood/tissue samples, as well as from FTA cards. The target sequences were amplified and detected by real-time PCR using Taqman® probes. The BuccalAmp kit was quicker, simpler to use, and provided more reliable results than blood or tissue sampling.

Epicentre provides several options for collecting buccal samples; visit our buccal swabs and brushes product page for more information.

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