Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ASM 2010: A good week for Epicentre

Epicentre employees were busy last week at the ASM 2010 General Meeting, with a lot of interest in products for DNA purification and next-generation sequencing. A significant amount of the posters presented at the meeting, as well as the conference sessions, were devoted to metagenomics. The growing popularity and declining costs for next-generation sequencing services have facilitated metagenomic analysis of microbial populations from a diverse set of environments--from hot springs to human armpits.

We recently introduced the Meta-G-Nome™ DNA Isolation Kit, designed for environmental samples. However, we are always interested in other applications for the kit, and we encourage any of our readers who are interested in other applications for the kit to take our online survey. By doing so, you'll receive a special 50% evaluation discount on the kit (offer currently limited to U.S. customers only).

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