Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Transposomics made EZ

EPICENTRE’s EZ-Tn5™ Transposomes (the synaptic complex between  transposon DNA and the hyperactive EZ-Tn5 Transposase) have been used for generating bacterial mutation libraries, strain development, and creating knockout/knock-ins since 1999. The easy-to use Transposomes have been used in the development of transposition libraries in over 65 microbial species (both Gram-positive and Gram-negative), and even in yeast and trypanosomes. Our citations page lists publications grouped by the organism studied.

The ready-to-use Transposomes contain kanamycin- or trimethoprim-resistance cassettes. Additional Transposomes can be created easily, using simple molecular techniques  with the EZ-Tn5 pMOD series of transposon construction vectors and hyperactive EZ-Tn5 Transposase. We also provide a comprehensive introduction to transposon methods and product selection guide, and additional documentation (114K PDF) for the preparation and use of custom Transposomes in many bacteria.

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