Friday, February 19, 2010

Creating high-quality metagenomic libraries need not be a dirty job

The study of metagenomic DNA samples is a hot topic in microbiology, as such samples can shed light on  the bioactivity present in many complex environments. Previously, isolation of DNA from complex samples, including soils, compost, and water was not a straightforward process and, in many cases, could result in the loss of genetic information from rare organisms present in a given sample. Recently, Epicentre launched the Meta-G-Nome™ DNA Isolation Kit, which has simplified and streamlined DNA purification from many environmental sample types. The kit generates ~40-kb DNA that can be used directly in construction of a metagenomic DNA library using the CopyControl™ Fosmid Library Production Kit. The DNA is also well suited for PCR screening, or for next-generation sequencing projects, e.g., using Nextera™ sample preparation technology.

Recently, Dr. Marcus Taupp and colleagues in the lab of Dr. Steven Hallam at the University of British Columbia demonstrated the process of making a large-insert metagenomic library, in the Journal of Video Experimentation (JoVE), using the CopyControl Fosmid library Production Kit.

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